Fine Art and Giclee Photography

About the Artist

David T. Chapman started doing photography at the age of 16. He is self-taught in the art of photography and has been pursuing his career professionally since the age of eighteen. He learned at a very young age from his father to appreciate his environment in the surrounding countryside. He enjoys taking photographs of weather phenomena, especially lightning, as well as scenery and nature. David likes to seek out unusual examples of nature such as albino robins, ice crystal formations and frozen water droplets. To date he has found multi-petalled Ontario trilliums, the highest of which had 33 petals. David is also a professional speaker and enjoys entertaining and educating a good crowd. His main areas of expertise are Weather/Aurora Borealis, Local Interests and Ontario Scenery of Ontario, Birds and Wildlife. Contact him for available times to book him. 

In the course of his work, David has studied meteorology, ornithology and the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, which can even be seen in the Niagara Region if the conditions are right. David likes to keep an open-mind about his subjects. He also insists that all his photographs are true originals and not fabricated in any way using computer technology. He produces his own prints and does his own framing in order to maximize quality, using acid-free and archival quality materials in all of his products. He offers his work printed on canvas as well as other fine art papers. Canvas offers the advantage of presentation without the need for glass. The Giclee Canvas process includes a protective coating to reduce the damaging effects of scratches and UV light. 

David has sold his works to clients around the world including Australia, China, Brazil and the United Kingdom as well as many other countries. His work is on display and available for sale at the Moses F. Rittenhouse Library in Vineland for the month of August, 2011, and on a regular basis at Brian D. Cruise's Chiropractic Office in Grimsby. He can be reached at 905-563-4840 and by email at  Keep an eye on my callender to see what art events I will be in or hosting in your area.  I am also available on facebook:!/pages/David-T-Chapman/173134962767601